Stevens Strategic Alliance

International real estate and construction expertise

Over 30 years of world-class development experience integrated with cutting edge real estate technology - all at your disposal

Stevens Strategic Alliance

International real estate and construction expertise

Over 30 years of world-class development experience integrated with cutting edge real estate technology - all at your disposal

About Stevens Strategic Alliance

Unparalleled real estate insight into multiple sectors with the latest in data analytics and innovation

Stevens Strategic Alliance is a real estate executive advisory firm dedicated to creating value through organizational efficiency, superior program management, leveraging new technological tools and creating a true partnership with your company.

We will help you maximize profits through state of the art development technology and decades of international experience. We aren't consultants -we're strategic partners. As a partner, you will draw from decades of world-class expertise to achieve your highest objectives.

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Our mission

Provide the best executive real estate development advisory services in the industry

It's our goal at Stevens Strategic Alliance to help you take your development and construction company to a higher level of performance by utilizing the most effective organizational strategies and appropriate technology.

We take over 30 years of experience in real estate development, program management, and construction management to minimize costs, compress schedules and insure quality. Our management tools are combined with the most advanced technology the industry has to offer.

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Our Areas of Focus

The work we can do together

Company Health and Profitability
Company Health and Profitability

We bring real added value to our partners by digging deep into company organizations and processes. We work with you to streamline your development protocols and the decision making process all with the ultimate goal of maximizing profits and efficiency.

Project Management
Project Management

From a project's inception to completion, we proactively manage every aspect to run smoothly and avoid critical problems. Between design management, contractor sourcing, construction management, establishing best practices in cost management, and facility management we understand how every development phase must be successfully coordinated.

Start Up Partnership 2
Start Up Partnership

We advise and focus priorities for startup companies in the real estate and construction markets. Our "boots on the ground" insights help startup companies prioritize the most immediate benefits first, followed by incremental business improvements that create substantial growth for years to come. We can connect the dots within the industry and provide those pain points and genuine problems that require an innovative solution.

Venture Capital Partnership 2
Venture Capital Partnership

We are a seasoned real estate insider that Venture Capital groups can utilize to source and evaluate startup companies with real potential. Our experience in real estate and construction provides unparalleled insights to your investment team.


What leaders in our industry say about Stevens Strategic Alliance

Raymond Levitt

Stanford’s Global Projects Center benefited enormously from Grant’s patient experience-sharing of his international experience and he has enriched the teaching of a generation of construction and real estate development students at Stanford and elsewhere. Stanford’s Global Projects Center recently launched a new research initiative on Digital Cities. Grant once again engaged enthusiastically with my colleagues and our students to share his deep expertise and enabled new research and professional internship opportunities for our students.

Raymond E. Levitt, Stanford University

Kumagai Professor in Engineering, Emeritus
Larry King

Having worked with Grant for over 30 years, I can attest for his excellent skillsets in Development and Construction working for industry giants Hines and Prologis. Building large scale and complex projects throughout the globe gives him unique capabilities to assist any engagement.

Larry W. King, AIA NCARB

Principal, IA Interior Architects Retired
Jon Pickard

Grant Stevens inspires the best in the project team, promoting a collegial, collaborative and productive process. With his deep experience and critical knowledge of real estate development, Grant is successful in creating value for his clients, and enhancing the vitality of the community.

Jon Pickard, FAIA, RIBA

Principal, Pickard Chilton Architects
Dan Rashin

Grant’s thorough understanding of the design and construction of complex projects combined with his ability to manage and motivate people makes him an invaluable asset to any project. Having worked around the world, Grant knows how to lead teams from different countries and cultures to collaborate and succeed.

Dan Rashin, Rockefeller Group International

Co-President & CEO, Retired
Daniel Maceachron

I have known Grant Stevens since 1982 and find him to be among the most capable, experienced, effective project managers of complex development projects that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His intelligence, integrity, excellent judgment, sophisticated esthetic sense, organizational skills, drive, and passion for quality combine to make him a truly extraordinary professional leader. I hold Grant in the very highest regard and know that he will add substantial value in many ways to any project on which he may have the chance to participate.

Daniel MacEachron, Hines

Former Senior Managing Director


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